Frequently Asked Questions about the 3M Rewards Program

Members can upload a copy of their invoice via the 3M Dental Connect App which will be processed by the Sponsor (3M Oral Care India) and remitted into your account on 3M dental connect App.

You can purchase from our list of 55 Authorized 3M Distributors and over 250 Authorized Resellers in India.

Your 3M representative will contact you to discuss your 3M Rewards statement and how you can maximize your 3M Rewards benefits. The 3M sales representative must be the one who signs you up and manage your account.

The program is annual (January–December) and covers a 12-month period specific to each dealer’s January invoicing start date. Your points will still be based on all 2018 purchases. Products must be billed and shipped no later than December 31, 2019 to qualify as 2019 calendar-year purchases.

Points are calculated based on invoice value – GST and based on your business turnover category (Gold , Silver, Bronze). These points will be added to your account within one week of image upload on to the app.

You can log into Dental connect App and check your reward points at any time. Additionally , you will be sent emails and SMSs on a regular basis to keep you up to date with your reward history.

You need to upload a copy of your invoice on to 3M Dental Connect App. Once this is done , our backend team will process the invoice and your reward points will automatically be credited to your Dental Connect Account.

You will be sent regular updates via SMS and email on your points. You can immediately redeem your points for the next purchase or choose to accumulate points for a future purchase.

Your invoice should have either your (Member’s name) or the clinic name to be considered valid. If any discrepancies occur, our associates will get in touch with you to clarify the same.